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No, It’s Not Too Early to Tune Up Your Furnace

No, It’s Not Too Early to Tune Up Your Furnace

Considering the current outdoor temperatures, it’s hard to imagine that winter is just around the corner.

And while you and your family may be trying to get the most out of these last days of summer, you may want to start thinking about contacting a local, Loveland HVAC company to talk about readying your furnace for winter.

Your furnace may be the furthest thing from your mind at the moment, but September and October are actually ideal times to have someone out to do the work.

If you wait too long, you may not realize that you have a problem until you need to turn the heat on.

At Loveland HVAC Repair we always recommend that our clients have a furnace tune-up before the cold outdoor weather arrives.

Reasons to have Loveland HVAC Repair service the furnace at your home

One of the biggest reasons that people should have their furnaces maintained relates to safety. Let’s say your heat exchanger is cracked, for example, if this is left unfixed you run the risk of having carbon monoxide leak into your home.

A second key reason you’ll want to have a tune up relates to dust, cobwebs and other types of unpleasant contaminants.  Since it’s safe to assume that your furnace hasn’t been on since last winter, your ducts have had plenty of time to collect dust. If this isn’t cleaned before you crank up the heat, the foul smell of burning dust / cobwebs could linger for hours. When you schedule routine maintenance with Loveland HVAC Repair, we’ll clean your system and be sure to lubricate all of its moving parts.

It’s also worth noting that a well maintained, well cared for furnace will last far longer than one that never gets the TLC it needs. If you want to get the longest lifespan out of your heater as possible, be sure to have it maintained at least once (if not twice) each year.

A well-functioning furnace will save you money on your heating bill

If you’re running a furnace that hasn’t been tuned up in as long as you can remember, or you can’t remember the last time you changed out the filter, this will likely lead to upticks in your monthly heating bill. A well-maintained furnace will run more efficiently, which means it will cost less money to operate.

You’ll be able to catch small problems before they turn into big ones

Lastly, when you schedule a furnace tune-up with Loveland HVAC Repair we’ll perform a full inspection of the system. If we feel there are issues that need to be addressed, we’ll discuss those with you and recommend a course of action. Small, seasonal repairs cost far less than large ones.

Call today to get started

For more information on how the local, expertly trained HVAC experts at Loveland HVAC Repair can help get your furnace running at tip-top shape, call us today at (970) 541-9244  to get started.


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